Dmic project

The Government of India aims to establish a multi-modal High Axle Load Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) between Delhi and Mumbai with a total length of 1483 km. and passes through six states. You can use Google or YouTube to understand the project as a whole.

Madhya Pradesh is one of six states, Eleven Investment Areas (IRs) and thirteen Industrial Areas (IAS) have been identified for development in Phase I, II and III of DMIC to be completed. Pithampur-Dhar-Mhow investment area in Madhya Pradesh has been identified in DMIC project.

pithampur-dhar -mhow-IR

Economic Corridor

Economic Corridor Pithampur Industrial Area, which has made an effective presence on the industrial map of the country, is now going to get another gift. In the midst of the ongoing process of getting the status of international airport, Indore Airport is now going to connect directly to Pithampur through a new corridor, which has been named as Economic Corridor. This corridor will give a new identity to the infrastructure development of Indore. Starting from Indore Airport to Pithampur, this economic corridor will not only be equipped with industrial units, but will also have major centers of knowledge, residential facilities and social entertainment. The eight-lane overbridge will give a new dimension to the pace of this economic corridor. This bridge, which will be completed by November, will be the first eight-lane wide railway overbridge in the state.
Indore. The proposed Economic Corridor is a part of the subsidiary dominant area of ​​Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor and Pithampur-Dhar-Mhow Investment Zone. This corridor, about 20 km long, will be spread over a width of 300 meters on both sides. 17 villages of Indore and Dhar districts will come under this corridor, which will be mainly connected in three parts by this corridor.

Will be developed in 900 hectares
The first part of this corridor, to be built on the lines of DMIC, will be from the airport to NH 59 in Indore, the second part will be from NH 59 to Rau-Pithampur Industrial Road and the third part will be from Rau-Pithampur to the sub-station of GAIL, from where Pithampur The industrial sector begins. Spread over a vast area of ​​about 900 hectares, this corridor will have pollution free engineering industrial units. Warehouses, Logistics Parks will be major areas promoting trade and tourism. There will be residential townships with full facilities and institutions related to IT service sector.

Malls, Multiplexes and other facilities
Apart from these core activities, the major activities that will take place along this corridor are commercial centers such as shopping malls, multiplexes, hotels, social facilities, medical centres, educational areas, large modern tourist places for entertainment and industries providing support. subsidiary units. Prima facie it shows that this economic corridor will be the biggest center of economic activities and investment of Indore region in future.
This corridor, to be developed as a subsidiary area of ​​DMIC, will not only provide unlimited employment opportunities due to its planned structure, but will also become an important investment icon in Indore.

Like the east, the western part of the city will also shine
This corridor will also provide smooth traffic opportunities. Along with this, the economic disparity of development seen between East and West Indore will also be removed. Due to the coming of this corridor in the western region of Indore, it will become the most important center of investment for Indore in future.
The first part will be from the airport to NH-59 (Indore-Dhar Road). In this, mainly units planned keeping in mind the ease of IT entertainment, tourism and transport have been included. Being very close to the airport and super corridor, IT, ITS, tourism and entertainment related activities will be maximum here.
The second part – the part of Rau-Pithampur road from NH-59 is closest to the densely populated outside. This area will develop as the most effective area of ​​West Indore, which will be the main center of residential and commercial activities along with fully equipped township. This part will develop in four clusters. Mixed-use development areas will be earmarked here.
Third part- The part from Rau-Pithampur road to Pithampur will mainly have areas of industry and activities related to it, such as warehouse and development centers, areas for pollution-free industrial units have also been earmarked here. Where the industry will be able to showcase its products and new technologies together.

it will benefit
This Economic Corridor will give a new identity to Indore and Pithampur considering all the possibilities of investment and future. Bypass, super corridor spread over a vast area has been completed, along with a new identity of the industry, this economic corridor will provide the identity of a planned development to Indore-Pithampur.